"We believe an acquaintance with the civilizations of Greece and Rome will help us understand and appraise the world of today, which is indebted to the ancient civilization in its government and laws, literature, language, and arts."

Maintenance of Website

Hello CAJCL and others!

I am proud to report that the website is changing and will look different and be revamped!

While this is happening, there may be visual changes to this website, and minor details or images may vanish or be altered. Do not be alarmed, this is completely natural. Details about SCRAM, Ludi, and Convention will be/are posted here, so still please check our events tab!

I will see you on the new website!

-Webmaster Kim

2017 Post Convention Nuntius Avaliable

Salvete, omnes! The Post Convention 2017 Nuntius is now available in the archive. Take a look, and you'll find an interview with the new Convention Presidents, a Q&A with Venkat Sankar, pictures from Convention, and more!

Unfortunately, this will be the one of the final Nuntius published by Zahra Hasanain, as she has finished her term as Nuntius Editor for 2016-2017. Zahra has been a dedicated member of the CAJCL Executive Board for one year, and I wish her the best in her future endeavors. I also extend a heartfelt goodbye to the rest of the outgoing 2016-2017 Executive Board.  Thankfully, we will be seeing some familiar faces in next year's Board! Check out the new board here.

From the Webmaster, Robin Kim

Scholarship Applications

Scholarship applications can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sent via the postal service.

State Convention 2017 Registration

The online registration for State Convention 2017 can be accessed here: https://n343.fmphost.com/fmi/webd#CJCL%20Database. PDF forms for students to register are here: http://www.cajcl.org/downloads/category/5-convention.html.

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