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Why join CAJCL?

Love the classics? Want to get to know a bunch of cool, like-minded, fun-loving people like yourself? Do you like competitions?

California JCL can provide the aforementioned, plus MORE! We are a group of motivated sponsors, students, members-at-large, and Senior Classical League members who love making friends, bonds, and lasting memories almost as much as we love the classics. Every year we host the State Convention, at which students can participate in academic tests, dramatic interpretation competitions, quiz bowl-styled madness, and athletic contests, among other numerous activities. We also have regional conventions, namely SCRAM and Ludi for SoCal and NorCal respectively, which offer the opportunity for new chapters to get a feel for the convention lifestyle. 

The CAJCL experience culminates at the National Convention, the final huzzah to the classics to end the school year (well, it's actually during the summer, but whatever). Here's a video of our delegation's experience at the 2015 National Convention at Trinity University!



Joining JCL - Teacher/Sponsor

In order to join CJCL as a chapter, you must have a minimum of five students. Your chapter and all its members must join both CJCL the National Junior Classical League. In addition, the Sponsor must join the American Classical League. With membership, your chapter will start receiving the quarterly newsletters of "TORCH: US" and "JCL Highlights" from the NJCL office. The Sponsor will also receive the "Classical Outlook," a publication of ACL The CJCL/NJCL Registration Form (which includes information for the Sponsor's ACL membership) can be found in the forms section. For further information, please contact the State Chair, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For a step-by-step walkthrough of the process, take a look at this checklist!


Joining JCL - Student

If you are a student and are interested in starting a JCL chapter at your school, please ask your Latin teacher or any other responsible adult to act as a sponsor. In order to join JCL, you must either be enrolled in, or have successfully completed, a semester of a Classical language course. If it is not possible for you to start a chapter, you may apply as a member-at-large. The CJCL/NJCL Member-at-Large Registration Form can be found in the forms section.


Click here to view the CJCL constitution. Last revised April 5, 2014.


The California Junior Classical League was founded in 1955 to provide a forum for Latin students to compete in a wide range of academic, art, and athletic contests, both individually and by chapter.   As part of the 50 year anniversary celebration, Mrs. Lura Wallace and Mr. John Altieri have compiled a history of CJCL. A copy is available for download below.

Find out about CJCL's first 50 years here.

Read the addendum, featuring information from 2005-2017, here.


We, the members of the Junior Classical League, covenant to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world. We believe an acquaintance with the civilizations of Greece and Rome will help us understand and appraise the world of today, which is indebted to the ancient civilization in its government and laws, literature, language, and arts.

We affirm the JCL experience develops responsibility, fosters brotherhood, promotes enthusiasm, encourages competition, inspires dedication, and enriches our total growth.


Click here to hear the music!

By Dave Clements, Max Spires, Mrs. R. G. Frazier
Revised by Mrs. B. H. Norveson

Seeking the best -- the highest our goal
working for greatness through glories of old,
searching the realms of the golden past,
we follow the classics truths that last.
In knowledge, truth, and fellowship
we're growing every day;
the friendly hand of JCL aids in every way.
In Rome's proud steps we're marching on
with every true colleague, 
and forever we'll hold
to the Purple and Gold
of the Junior Classical League.


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